Spring Is Sprunging!


Even though the weather did not cooperate last summer (and what else is new), I had some maaaahvelous successes, especially with some newbies in pots. I would HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE try some of the plants from the Dwarf Tomato Projects….I have not yet met one I didn’t like!  I especially adore the black ones. If you are looking for richness of taste, real tomatoey-tomatoes (and you know what I mean), they are da BOMB! Did I mention how gorgeous they are too? Some of my FAVE dark ones are Perth Pride, Dwarf Wild Fred, Tennessee Suited (a new one for me in 2016), and Rosella Purple. Some other ones new for me last year and “gotta-haves” in the series are Sweet Scarlet, Loxton Lad (an outstanding orange!), and Dwarf Sweet Sue (my favorite yellow EVER!).

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I also grew the following “regular” size tomatoes in pots for 2016: Girl Girl’s Weird Thing (oh yes, she’s a keeper WITH a cool name!), Wooly Blue Wine (the MOST adorable fuzzy plant with delish beautiful fruit), Cosmic Eclipse (out of this world…sorry!),  Persuasion (another awesome one), and Thessaloniki (my FAVORITE all around red tomato).

So I guess the bottom line is that you can very successfully grow awesome tomatoes in the ground and in pots! Just always remember to use plenty of organic material (I adore worm castings and Tomato Tone) and cage or stake them (cuz they get so much fruit they may just topple over and take the pot with them)!

More later my Loyal Plantheads……