Pick A Peck of Precious Perky Peonies!

G’Day Plantheads….I thought our discussion for the day should be the Glory of Peonies, as they are just about ready to burst into bloom! I like to say that Peonies are the Mother Teresas of Plantdom, as they just give and give and expect nothing in return. Treat them right and you can will them to your Grandchildren…..what’s not to love about that! You can also have them blooming for about six weeks if ya pick the right varieties…. A mix of early, mid and late bloomers and you’ll be all set! I’ve got a bunch of beauties in pots right now that can be planted. If I need to dig I can’t safely do so until the fall, but order ‘em early cuz I sell out, and if ya snooze ya looze! Here’s a few pics of the ones that are in pots….I just swoon looking at them!

Pictures as shown, starting top left: Bride’s Dream, Ave Maria, Bashful Pink, Don Richardson. Aren’t they AWESOME?!!!