Dare You Dabble In Darling Dramatic Daylilies???

Okay, raise your hands…..how many of you are sick of those borrrrring little yellow daylily squibs that are insidiously taking over the world? How many of you think only of them when I say the word Daylilies? HA! Have I got a surprise for YOU! Didja know there are about a GAZILLION others whose flowers can even be up to 12″ across? Didja know that some of them have ruffily fluffily edges that Garden Fairies (and Better Than Garden Fairies, see aforementioned post) love to rest upon? Didja know some daylilies have heavenly fragrance? Didja know you can have daylilies in bloom from late spring to frost? Well, now ya know! Right now is a maaaaahvelous time to come out and see some of these wondrous lovelies for yourself. For all you newbie gardeners, they are easy and VERY striking, and compliment and play very well with other perennials. We are growing round about 100 varieties or so, from near black to pure white ones, fragrant ones, spiders…..you know you’ve GOT to get some!

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