Help for our Friends in the Garden

Who doesn’t adore butterflies and hummers? Who doesn’t love (and more importantly NEED) bees? As I’m sure that everyone (unless you’ve been stuck under a rock!) knows, our pollinators are in trouble. So I say…..Contrary Mary Plantheads to the Rescue! It is our DUTY to raise plants that provide food for not only the adult stage but for the larval stage also. With that in mind, right now is the PERFECT time to plant milkweed (Asclepias). It is the Perennial Plant of the Year, and is food for both the adults and caterpillars (so if you see someone shewing on your plant, that is A-OK as it is made for that!). Some other pollinator necessities are parsley, Echinacea, Hostas (yep, hummers ADORE their flowers),  natives such as Liatris and many other beautiful and useful plants. Just remember to keep your yard pesticide, herbicide, and GMO free to give these pollinators their best chance. Good for you AND the environment!


One thought on “Help for our Friends in the Garden

  1. Love the pics and the sentiments! And yes, I have dared to dabble in dramatic daylilies! They are the most misunderstood plants. With over 8,000 varieties (with names!), there are a lot more than just the roadside orange and the ever-present yellow Stella D’Oro! Thank you, Contrary Mary, for promoting and selling these beautiful work horses of the garden!


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