Contrary Mary’s Better Than Fairies!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting…..busy busy busy! Today I wanted to introduce you to our newest Contrary Creatures. So you know how fairy gardening is big, big, big now? Well, I have PROMISED to Champion some other members of the Ethereal Enchanted Environs who are saying what about us??? I am talking about the Trolls, Pixies, Dragons, Frogs, Gnomes, and other denizens of the Secret Garden World who are not getting the press that they deserve! I told them I would come up with a term for them that would catapult them to fame, hence the moniker “Better Than Fairies”. You HAD to figure I would be enthralled with the Contrary Side of fairy gardening, right?! Sooooo….TADA….. here are some “gotta-haves” that will bring some magic into your garden and will make you grin. Available for adoption to the right homes; I even have some mini gardens already created that would make maaaaaahvelous presents (to yourself or others!). Come on out and see—-betcha can’t resist!

Don’t forget our summer hours are now in effect. We are CLOSED on July 4th and always closed on Mondays, open  Tuesdays thru Saturdays 9a-5p and Sundays 10a-3p. See ya soon!



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